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100 Random Images

A random pick of 100 images from ifany.org (reload to reshuffle). I was browsing through random images the other day and thought it would be neat with a way to scroll through random moments and memories from my past. I suspect this will mostly be useful for my own nostalgic cravings, but still... here you go.

March 15th 2005 to October 20th 2020

Natalie is looking at the ceiling which doesn't always keep entirely dry when it rains.
An alley big enough to get it's own street name.
The first of many delightful buildings in downtown Osaka
Wall in Cannobio
Cutesies (part 1)
A tired cat in the zoo
We're taking a moment's break on our walk down to a temple
Lise in the sunshine
The railroad tracks also covered in snow
A bit of water against the evening light.
The muddy water made it difficult to see how high pants needed to be folded before crossing the street.
Lisa and I in Rouen
A random branch to add perspective
A fence in a sleepy town
Goodbye mountains!
A small Japanese shinto near the top of the Yushan West Peak from the occupation
People swimming
We had camped by an old bridge based on a recommendation from a friend the night before and woke up to a beautiful scenery that was hard to leave, but we had a boat to catch, so we drank tea, had a quick look around and drove onwards
A shot of the main dome in Hagia Sophia
A rainbow hanging under the cloud
Me regretting my life choises
The inner courtyard was meticilously raked
The look out behind us
Sneaking in to the no access zone to get a couple of shots.
A creak running through what looked like white granite
One of the crater lake of Kelimutu near Moni.
A fisherman village close to Kanawa
Close up of ice patterns on a rock
The view over to the castle from the top of the Scott's Monument
Durian buildings and city hall as seen from the flyer
Another waterfall, or the base of it, at least. Just imagine that the same thing continues upwards for quite a while.
Ballebjerg tower with fire in the windows
Old train parts outside Uyuni
The afternoon sunshine illuminating my path back home.
Early sunshine on the Andes mountains
Appropriate swimming weather
Me standing in the same old oak
Me balacing on the slack line wearing rainbow socks
I like the contrast between what must be the stairway with the vertical red lines, next to the drawn out boxes of individual apartments (but I wouldn't want to live in this building)
Trucks and buses making their way up the mountain
Dave looking back towards An Stuc
The rocks after sundown
We took a floating bridge-boat across a small straight in Herajärvi
Legs without bodies outside an art museum in Shanghai.
The view straight down from the top, looking down the other side.
Walking up towards a snow covered laguna
Hesper and Drew walking up a mountain side
feeding ducklings by agden
Walking along the river in the early morning we came across several small ruins like this one.
Vagn walking up towards Win Hill
Lisa coming to get me
Older low-rise getting restored. I quite like the rounded corners of the balcony.
Heading home in the late afternoon.
The same view with the wider lens of the phone camera
Charlotte took this photo of me parading in the crowds of Mongkok
Paul kindling the fire
The beach of Padang.
Typical gate.
Following the path in to the dark path to Balerno
Corridor in the monastery
People are washing their hands and feet in the center of the mosque.
A valley formed by glaciers and geothermic activity
Walking in St Andrews on the way home
The view from my hostel in Port Blair
The view from the harbour front
Walking down to the Loch
Mont Rosa can be seen in the far away distance as the highest mountain peeking up. Matterhorn is hiding around there somewhere too.
I found this book in a cafe in Taipei. It contained lots of practical tips and advice for how to converse with Americans. Very useful.
A boy in traditional outfit waiting for his parents
Unhappy guy
The market is getting set up somewhere by North Point
Brian heading up the mountain and in to the clouds
Myself preparing Thai Milk Tea + Licorice Shots
Frankie in UV light
Soldiers are sitting listening to a speech on the campus of Tongji University
Karen, Lisa and I went out in the waves
My childhood forest all naked and cold
The view towards the city center
Lisa smiling
It doesn't take long before the ground is covered in a thin layer of snow on our ascend to Beihn Glas

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred