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100 Random Images

A random pick of 100 images from ifany.org (reload to reshuffle). I was browsing through random images the other day and thought it would be neat with a way to scroll through random moments and memories from my past. I suspect this will mostly be useful for my own nostalgic cravings, but still... here you go.

January 1st 2000 to September 15th 2020

a line in the water
Tasty red water (actually, it supposedly tasted pretty bad according to Darren)
Details from a piece of ice propelled out of the glacier
The army had showed up too. Supposedly they are assigned to help with the pulling of the chariot some years
More spikes and glacier
Taking a look at the wires
Basalt columns
Visiting owls in an Owl Cafe by Akihabara.
I was buying lunch by the docks of Yangon when the rain started.
A camel caretaker. For some reason all the care takers where Nubian.
The view from the Arabic part towards the christian part of the old city in Jerusalem.
The evening we decided to walk up a small peak
Ballebjerg tower with fire in the windows
Girls dancing at the Highland games in Dufftown
Non-dancing and phone checking
Waves rolling towards the beach
Paul kindling the fire
Nandhini's aunt's mother, with Nandhini's aunt in the background.
Two ladies waiting for somebody.
Our camp taken on the next morning with Nilgiri and Tilicho both in the background
The village seen from Sean and Megans place.
selfie by a waterfall we met on the way
Lisa with bump
Battery powered blues + Brad on lighting
The slightly burned bark of an eucalyptus tree.
The view out towards the great sand sea
Two young gentlemen with whom I crossed the river barefoot
Families by the beach.
The view out over Beijing looking north
Wall in Cannobio
Trevor and Jess dancing
The Saltos de Petrohué #1
Kitty and Martin dancing
It was not a good day for swimming it turned out
house on the grand canal
Let's all gather around the guy with the torch
Old trains hanging around
Monks walking down the road toward the trainstation
Same building seen from the side.
Giant super comfy priest slippers
Flowers in the cemetery
Beware of squirrels
My favorite corner of the great mosque
A small group is dancing in a back alley of Tirana, far from the main square where most of the dances are taking place.
I took this photo because of the wonderful colors of the triangles by the roof.
The obligatory group photo, but from a new angle
The garden bench is now blue!
It's hard to see, but the rockface to the left is slightly green
The veranda of a village cottage featuring life size wooden statue keeping watch over the village courtyard
A couple of priests/touts asking for donations after we had taken their picture.
A nearby beach had us wading across a river to get to it. It was fairly cold
View out over the Water of Leith from the bridge over Dean Village
Fall colors at the treeline
After much toil and hardship the incline finally flattened out a bit, and after getting a cup of tea I started to feel like this mountain might actually be possible to climb.
The mountains just before we arrived to Cagalandia
Lisa going for the kill
The view south
First impression of one of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand
Bridge over the Soca River
Pine Needles
Triangular fortress constructions
Picture of a neat flower in a park in Bangalore. I didn't take this photo.
Karen and Lasse out in the yard
A lizard is on stand by on this surprisingly cloudy day
Reaching the coast
Small tiny red mushrooms
Climbing a style near Bradfield
Giant bamboo
Lisa by Llyn Eiddew Mawr
One of 5 trees standing at a natural spring.
The Gandaki river and the backside of the Nilgiri Range
Balnahard Bay II
Lisa by the bridge
Trees and snow at Austbordhorn
A pile of stacked tires at a random back-alley in Luxor
Rotten wood.
The boys' side of the courtyard
A donkey standing around with nothing to do. It's a tough life being a donkey.
Looking south from Ballebjerg
A path in the Shinjuko Gyoen with the city hiding in the background.
The old trainstation Haydarpaşa Gari on the Asian part of Istanbul where trains until recently departed for Theran and the rest of Turkey.
We had some presentations and a bit of food in the art room of the school
Durbar square in the centre of Patan as seen from the guesthouse where I stayed
A monastery with a group of kids playing football
Local bus and typical gate on typical house.
The site of pilgrimage, this time photographed from the other side of the river.
I like the contrast between what must be the stairway with the vertical red lines, next to the drawn out boxes of individual apartments (but I wouldn't want to live in this building)

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred