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New Orleans

Across America in Train

We arrived from LA to New Orleans where we spent 5 days close to Bywater biking around and exploring. Most photos are of small quirky features and details that we saw everywhere as we drove around.

February 4th, 2014

Train tracks close to where we were staying
A veranda featuring Elvis Presley
A characteristic
Bridge balanced by a giant block of concrete hanging over the road
Locks leading to the Mississippi river
Another cactus was ready for mardi-gras
We found a cactus decorated with skulls in bywater
A local record store in bywater
The commuter ferry is free and took us over the river in the evening
Downtown New Orleans
The bathroom at the house where we stayed
Another detail from the house where we stayed: a Bird on a shelf.
The collection of plastic dinosaurs at the house where we stayed
The kitchen in the house where we stayed
View from the train of the Louisiane swamps

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred