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Niagara Falls in Winter

Across America in Train

On our way to Toronto we passed the Niagara Falls. We had heard rumors that they had frozen over which turned out to be inaccurate, but what met us was equally stunning

February 12nd, 2014

Walking towards the falls we can see the rainbow and mist
The Canadian side of the falls have been turned in to a bit of an amusement park
The rainbow grows as we are getting closer
The mist from the falls had created a thick layer on ice everywhere around the falls. Here the ice can be seen weighing down the branches in the foreground
Emily by the falls
Snow covered banks created from the mist cover parts of the falls
The waters by the falls were filled with ice-chunks
The view down the river
Detail showing the ice covered river banks
A full view of the opposing side of the river
The falls themselves (and a double rainbow. What does this mean?)
I couldn't decide if this image or the one before was better, but since they are both nice I had to keep them both

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred