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January 1st 2000 to October 22nd 2006

The Yak camp
Clouds flowing in from the Gandaki valley in the early evening
The only kid in the yak camp
As far as we could get
Someone had put a worn jacket and backpack on a stick so in the dusk the silhuette of a tired hiker could be seen on the hillside
The valley and Dhaulagiri as we were heading down
The high camp at around 4600m with Nilgiri and Dhaulagiri in the background
Yak herders were driving the Yak home from the higher pastures
Our camp taken on the next morning with Nilgiri and Tilicho both in the background
My guide Thome
A Yak sheperd in his tent with the Dalai Lama in the background
Nilgiri above me
Dhaulagiri and clouds in the Gandaki valley
Hay is dried on the roof in the village
Yaks taking a break at a watering hole on their way back to the fold
View from almost-the-pass-I-wanted-to-go-to
Praying wheels at the entrance of a small village we passed shortly after Jomsom
The last light before night time
Frost covered the small alpine flowers in the morning
It's hard to see but a herd of deer are running away on the grey rocks
Fall colors at the treeline
The view out over the valley of the Gandaki river
Nilgiri in the last hours of the day
Nilgiri in the clouds
The two yak sheperds collecting yak dung from the fence
Heavy clouds cover the view of the mountains on the other side of the valley
Two farmers collecting hay for storage

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred