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Dents du Midi

Autumn 2009

A two day hike to Dents du Midi in Vallais (ch). And also Lura. Photos are under a CC-BY-SA License.

September 19th, 2009

The glacier facing the hut where we were staying.
The view out over Vallais from Col de Susanfe.
The hat is from Peru.
Lura is climbing a mountain.
A glacier on the foot of a magnificent rock face.
There were quite a few people heading for the teeth of midi that day.
The lines of the valley below us.
Light breaking through the clouds illuminating small glaciers.
Happy Lura.
Occasional clouds kept rushing past us.
It had snowed the same morning.
Lura poses as hikers continues upwards.
The view south-east of us, with several peaks I don't know the names of breaking through the clouds.
And the path zig-zags towards the top.
In the foreground: A glacier. In the background, Mont Blanc, partly covered with clouds.
The view straight down from the top, looking down the other side.
The clouds obstructed the view on the way down.
Lura was happy that we made it all the way up there.
And yet another glacier, just to end the series of photos in the right spirit.
Cliffs mended by water.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred