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Kyoto day one

China and Japan

After Osaka I took the train to Kyoto with Emily to get cultured. We spent a few days there visiting temples and eating delicious food

October 31st to November 2nd, 2013

Flowers in the cemetery
Hillside cemetery in Kyoto
The view over Kyoto from a temple perched on the hillside
Lanterns hanging in the central square of a temple we walked past in the evening
Many many temple lanterns
Wood carvings on temple
As the sun set the lanterns started to light the temple entrance
The menu at a hole in the wall restaurant we found that evening
The kitchen and patrons of said restaurant
Another photo to show the table arrangement
An extraordinary green tea dessert
Wishes written out and put up at the pig-temple
Army of pigs!
All your pigs are belong to the hog overlord
Night time temple stroll
The magistrate in the giant clogs
Emily by the Tori gates
A foxy fox
Mini foxes at a fox temple
Mini tori gates
A closer look at the mini foxes
Emily found a friend
Lanterns with a familiar motive
Buckets of water stored away in a temple
Giant super comfy priest slippers
Our room in a traditional Japanese guest house
Geishas walking in a temple

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred