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For each album I take I note the photos that I particularly like and add them to the list of covers. These images are used for the cover image on the frontpage. They are also my usual go to images when I want new prints on my walls. In this album I'm showing 100 randomly shuffled cover images. Reload the page to see a different selection.

November 7th 2009 to December 24th 2022

The kitchen and patrons of said restaurant (from Kyoto day one)
People swimming (from Samsø 2019)
Almost there (from Snow on Ben More)
It's hard to see, but the photo is taken almost straight down and there is a big drop down to the lake itself (from Bajawa over Moni to Maumere)
A male elephant blocking the road (from Elephants)
I went for a walk in some rice fields close to Bajawa (from Bajawa over Moni to Maumere)
Straws (from Wharariki Beach)
Ash and Lisa in Dale Dyke (from Around Sheffield)
 (from Lausanne/Lugano/Autumn)
A bay along the coast south of Stonehaven (from Walks by Aberdeen)
A Yak sheperd in his tent with the Dalai Lama in the background (from Tilicho)
The view south (from Pentlands in the Snow)
The Irrawaddy at sunset (from Mandalay and other old capitals)
The view out from Castell Dinas Brân (from Sarah's Wedding)
Chickens standing guard (from The city of Ghasa)
The view over to the castle from the top of the Scott's Monument (from Snow in Edinburgh)
Walking up the last stretch towards Meall Garbh (from Beihn Ghlas, Ben Lawers, An Stuc & Meall Garbh)
A close up of the roof structure (from The Empirial Palace)
We were gathered by the trees in the far distance to dance for 4 days (from European Blues Experience in Southern Spain)
Dhaulagiri and the Gandaki river (from Walking to Jomsom)
The view from North Bridge Road looking west with Boat Quay on the right (from Downtown at night)
Ash and Vagn on Ajstrup Strand (from Jakobs 50th)
Lisa and Ash with the view of the fjord (from The cottage by Vanvik)
Vagn on Besser Rev (from Christmas on Samsø)
Lisa watching the sunrise (from Connemara)
Portobello at dusk (from Portobello Beach)
The waters by the falls were filled with ice-chunks (from Niagara Falls in Winter)
Morning mist on grass leaves (from Tea Plantations)
Another seal was chilling out right by the path (from Walk by St Abbs)
Chinatown and downtown (from Bridges to and from Manhatten)
Yi Yun on Råbjerg Mile (from Samsø and Denmark)
Old Town and the roof of Waverly Station in the foreground (from Impressions of Edinburgh)
Martin and Lisa in the hills (from Samsø 2019)
Dean village (from Edinburgh in Autumn)
The girl in the middle handed Rieko a goat kid and sat down next to her with her own. (from Bhakunde)
Karen, Lisa and I went out in the waves (from Christmas on the West Coast)
Looking out over snowy Pentlands (from Pentlands in the Snow)
We were waiting for the road to clear, driving in to the mountains and found an old bridge next to the highway. (from Taipei, Taitung, Tainan)
 (from Lausanne/Lugano/Autumn)
Playing a game of darts versus waterballoons, Yi Yun won a fantastic bubble creating device (from Taipei, Taitung, Tainan)
Clouds and waves (from Hitchhiking to Cape Reinga)
People waiting for the bus (from Osaka)
Lisa walking with the Dwyryd Estuary in the background (from A walk up the hills)
A snow covered pheasant waiting to be cooked (from Samsø new year 2015)
Flowers and dancers (II) (from Castle Tokamak)
Green wavy grass in between date palms (from Siwa and Surroundings)
The sunshine got prettier and prettier that evening (from All the way to Lewis)
Looking back on St Andrews (from St Andrews and the Fife Coastal Walk)
Rain clouds making their way over Fife (from Portobello Beach)
Light in the rain over Loch Shiphoirt (from Ending up on Harris)
Looking out east over the Dean Village (from Edinburgh in Autumn)
Cows are lead across the fields. (from Bagan on the second day)
The sun is setting over the starting line (from F1 Singapore)
A lady leaving the early morning vegetable market, heavily packed with vegetables. (from Monks in the streets of Hsipaw)
The same hunter as in the photo before. On his sled is his kayak so he can paddle out and gather the seals he might catch. (from Skiing across the ocean)
One more shot of the forth bridges (from Along the Forth)
Another and closer shot of the glorious city of Kulusuk. (from Skiing across the ocean)
Seal + Rainbow (from Samsø and Denmark)
Salisbury Crags (from Edinburgh Moments)
Yet another shot of the muqarna ceiling (from Alhambra)
The castle with Pentlands in the background (from Snow in Edinburgh)
A last shot of that same view of Etive Mor just because I couldn't get enough of it (from Leap Year Hike (Tyndrum to Kings House))
The view from Monte Bré over Lugano and surrounding mountains (from Lausanne/Lugano/Autumn)
The same view decorated with one of the wild deer keeping close to the Kings House (from Leap Year Hike (Tyndrum to Kings House))
Flax flower (from Greenstone trail)
Nature (from Lausanne/Lugano/Autumn)
The view out over Koli in the evening (from Koli, Finland)
Kanawa as seen from a small hill on the island. I stayed here for a few days while exploring Komodo National Park. (from Komodo)
View from the walk (from The cottage by Vanvik)
The son of the owner of the tea house (from Walking to Jomsom)
 (from Luzern)
My passport is inspected thoroughly and my details are taken down. (from Taking the train from Mandalay)
The wine fields of Lavaux with the Rhone valley in the background (from Lausanne/Lugano/Autumn)
In pursuit (from F1 Singapore)
Walking in the golden autumn light (from Stanage)
Flowers near the tea plantations around Hatton (from Tea Plantations)
Early morning traffic. (from Hsipaw)
A full view of the opposing side of the river (from Niagara Falls in Winter)
Winding paths in the tea plantations (from Tea Plantations)
A Babylonian lion roaring as he walks (from Things I liked in Louvre)
Walking down the royal mile (from Torch march in Edinburgh)
A rest on a rock at sunset to admire the landscape (from New Years in Yorkshire Dales)
Walking down the beach (from Christmas on the West Coast)
The view of Ben Lawers from across the lake (from Weekend at Firbush)
Having a stop to play in the snow as we pass the Røldalsfjell (from Staying in Saudasjøen)
Our host standing in her living room (from Izu Peninsula)
The old trainstation Haydarpaşa Gari on the Asian part of Istanbul where trains until recently departed for Theran and the rest of Turkey. (from Visit to Istanbul)
Yak herders were driving the Yak home from the higher pastures (from Tilicho)
Lisa in the dunes (from Cheswick Sands)
Orangered rock (from Glaciers near Dix)
Inscription on the base of a statue (from Luxor)
A particularly beautiful sunset (from On the Cook Islands)
Walking home through the Glenfiddich Distillery (from Speyside)
Rain falling on Amarapura. (from Mandalay and other old capitals)
Lise out on Besser Rev after the rain had passed over us (from Christmas on Samsø)
Boats on the Irrawaddy at sunset. This shot is taken right next to Amarapura, and the stubas from an earlier shot can be seen in the background. (from Mandalay and other old capitals)
Frozen Sea. (from Last days in Greenland)
Same Monolith, still standing tall on Machrie Moor (from Isle of Arran)
Ash in a meadow above Agden (from Early Summer)
Seals sunbathing on the rocks (from Catlins)

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred