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End of Summer

My parents were visiting and I wanted to take them out west to see another side of Scotland, so we drove to Inveraray from where we explored the area

August 1st, 2015

The view out over Loch Fyne from Inveraray
Lise and Vagn standing in the clouds on the top of a mountain
We all got drenched on the way down
Loch Fyne at low tide
The harbor of Inveraray
Standing stones near Kilmartin are getting inspected by Lise
Old celtic gravestones with beautiful engravings
Lise and Vagn looking up through the tower of Kilmartin Castle
The landscape around Kilmartin Castle
In the meantime Vagn has found some cows
Lise and Vagn on top of Kilmartin Castle
Prehistoric stone carvings by the western coast of Scotland
The view out over Loch Craignish

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred