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High Andes part 3

Hiking in high Andes

Day 3 of a hike through the Andes with Filip, passing over 4300 meters and enjoying the first really sunny day of our trip

January 5th, 2011

Cauliflower and moss in the early morning
Ice leaping up the grass straws
The rocks were covered in a thick layer of ice
A small stream running down the mountain side
Mineral deposits can be seen on the loose flanks of the mountain sides. The dusty white and red colors are caused by sulfuric sands
After reaching the pass at 4300 meters we sit down and let the surrounding landscapes seep in. This photo is taken a bit after a short descend down to 3500 meters.
Another inedible cauliflower (I tried)
A valley formed by glaciers and geothermic activity
Colors of the Andes
More colors of the Andes. The white mountain in the background reaches 6000 meters. I don't know it's name.
El cerro Marmolejo goes up to the right, reaching 5900 outside of the photo.
Evening light on the valley where we had been spending half of our day.
An old an thorny bush.
The unknown white peak gathered a small cloud as the last sunlight reached it.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred