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Hitchhiking up through Chile

Together with Claire I traveled the 2000km between Santiago and Arica relying only on my thumb and the goodwill of passing truckers driving north. These are a few snapshot from the journey, first from Iquique, then from the Pan American highway and then from Arequipa in Peru.

July 13rd, 2011

Behind the curtain of the old theater of Iquique, where the pulleys are lined up to hoist stage equipment up and down.
The seats in the old theater.
The by far best driver we had along the way. Talkative, friendly and buena onda. He drove us from Pozo Almonte near Iquique the last 250km to Arica.
The view of the Pan-American highway on an unpaved stretch from the window of a truck.
Wobbly head truck-dog.
The view out of the window as we got close to Arequipa.
My favorite south american soft drink by far. Beats Inka Cola with a margin.
Claire in the foreground and the vulcanos of Arequipa in the back, right after we had cheese ice cream.
Detail from church in Arequipa.
One of the many nice doors in Arequipa.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred