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Christmas on the West Coast

Holidays over Christmas and New Years

My parents had booked a holiday let by the North Sea on the West Coast of Denmark where we spent christmas together going for walks, reading books and having a dip in the sea

December 24th, 2018

Waves by the sea
Lisa making faces
Evening on the west coast
Lisa smiling in the evening light
Vagn on the beach
There's a lot of wind
I had bet a beer with Lisa that she didn't dare stand at the very end where the waves were breaking, so I guess I owe her a beer now
Lisa and Karen were both wearing owls for christmas
The christmas tree with fairy lights and presents underneath
Lisa and I by the Christmas Tree
Helping Karen get her wetsuit on
Karen, Lisa and I went out in the waves
Karen got knocked over by a wave
Walking the next day along the beach
The gulls were trying to rest but kept being interrupted by the waves
Evening light on the beach
More gulls
Me in the dunes
Walking back home as the tide is coming in
Lisa walking in the dunes

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred