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The highlands of Sumatra

Indonesia and Malaysia

From Padang we went inland towards Padang-Pajang on motorbikes to explore the Sumatran highland. From there we continued up to the lake Maninjau and went along the coast back to Padang.

March 31st to April 1st, 2013

The woman to the right served us omelet and rice at a roadside restaurant in the mountains.
A river we crossed on the way over the first pass.
Rice fields covered in smoke.
Rice fields by the road to Padang-Pajang.
The waters of lake Singkarak.
Early morning in Padang-Pajang.
Typical Indonesian architecture.
The water of lake Maninjau deep below us is reflecting the layer of clouds above.
The lake was situated in a crater and in the background the mountains circling the lake can be seen.
A women walks in the field (to the right)
After 43 hairpin turns we made it down to the lakeside.
Three women near lake Maninjau sitting by their house and their Gucci towels.
A closer shot of the three Indonesian ladies.
Evening by the Indian Ocean.
Fishermen enjoying a Monday evening by the sea.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred