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Interrail Across Europe

After Bern we went to stay with Stephanie, Christian and kids in Luzern and used it as a base for a few adventures. We climbed all the watch-towers, went up with the old furnicular to mount Pilatus and spend a spare day on our interrail pass on traversing the alps to go to Ticino and spent a day in the Verzasca valley

October 30th to November 3rd, 2021

On the ferry from Luzern to Ingenbohl
The train to Ticino
Lisa went for a swim in Locarno
Walking in the Verzasca valley
We played a game where you roll wooden balls down contraptions along the path
Ash and I
A beautiful bridge called Ponte dei Salti
We're on the pilatus furnicular
Lisa and Ash on Mount Pilatus (~2000m)
Lisa and Ash in the Pilatus mountaintop monstrosity
Luzern from Pilatus

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred