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Family Trip to Normandy

Lockdown in Sheffield

Long before covid my parents had booked a holiday home in Normandy to gather us all for a week. As lockdown went on for longer and longer we had all pretty much given up on the idea that the trip would be able to happen, but about a month before we were due to go, travel restrictions for both England and Danmark were decreased and it was possible for us all to meet up in France after all

July 25th to August 1st, 2020

Lise on the slack line with support from Vagn
Waiting for the ferry in Dover
Lisa lazing in the hammock
Lise & Vagn keeping busy
Lauge on the slack line
Lærke & Smilla in the kitchen
Lisa having more Hammock time
everyone around the table
a hanging spire in a church in Caudebec-en-Caux
a helpful diagram showing how the ceiling in the image before is constructed
Lise inside the church in Caudebec-en-Caux
Smilla, Lærke & Jakob playing cards
Me balacing on the slack line wearing rainbow socks
Lisa and I in Rouen
Kittens near the house where we stayed
Sitting in the deck of the ferry on the way home

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred