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Miscellaneous autumn photos

Moments in Switzerland

Busy with school I had little time to go exploring last fall, so here is a compilation of a few photos that I happened to take on different occasions. Some are from hikes, other from a trip to Italy, while a few are of a strange metallic thing sitting out in the lake during most of November.

September 11th to November 5th, 2011

From a small hike near Taveyanne, a beautiful day in September which feels like a very long time ago.
A rusty gate close to the Italian riviera
The same rusty gate once more, this time from a different angle.
A detail from an old door to a barn.
Cow in church with wings.
Snow crystals on the last hike of the season, which then lasted far longer than I had suspected
Strange metallic thing sitting in the lake. I managed to capture a couple of photos before it walked away.
The feet of a strange metallic thing which was sitting in the lake.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred