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Essauira (Part 2)

Morocco with Lisa and Ash

Pictures from Essauira as we explore the harbour, the local cats and the hamams. We had decided to stay longer and changed hotel to a cozy place called Dar Al Paco and had settled in to a routine of going to the rock pools when the tide was low and to the patisserie afterwards for a cake and a coffee.

January 23rd, 2023

Lisa at the fish market
A small boat is being built
Our guide was a stranger who had approached us as we had walked up to the fence closing of the harbour and offered his services.
A repairjob on a bigger fishing boat
Posing with a chainsaw in the background
Lots of eyes painted on the boat
Pretty boat in the water
Fishing boats side by side in the harbour
Ash and Lisa looking down to the courtyard from the balcony
Lisa and Ash in front of a particularly beautiful door
The beautiful door op close
Lisa on a cannon
The big square just after sunset
Kittens by the hotel
Ash saying hello to the hotel kittens
Ash and the kittens
The entrance to the hammam
Sunset on the fortifications

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred