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Morocco in February

After weeks of traveling, Essaouira bid me welcome with warm weather and beautiful houses as well as wonderful hospitality on the parts of my hosts, Paul and Sue.

February 8th, 2010

Old man sitting and glaring at people from his shop.
A french graffiti artist once decorated several walls in Essaouira. Some of the works are still present.
Fresh fish from the fish market.
Detail from blue door.
Old layers of paint.
Sparkles sprinkled over old wood.
Once blue.
Detail from a door handle.
The atlantic ocean and the remains of an old prison on an island of the coast.
Hanging out by the cannons.
The ocean roars by the harbour of Essauira
The suburbia of Essaouira.
Somebody lived on the fortress wall, keeping chicken and cats.
Cats are magnificent at relaxing.
Stray dog in one of the streets.
Layers of paint.
Old doors on a black wall.
Green and blue.
The prostitutes were standing in the doorsways along the alley after the tunnel.
Blue wood.
Women walking home from afternoon shopping.
Sacks of wheat on a trolley.
A speciality of the region: Goats climbing trees.
The beach with litter.
A seagull was watching the sunset before I came along and disturbed it, hence the dissatisfied expression on it's face.
The Atlantic ocean by sunset
Fishing boats.
A fisherman preparing his boat for a new layer of paint. Probably blue.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred