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Morocco in February

Guided by Ethan I ventured in to the labyrinth which is the medina of Fes.

January 30th, 2010

A detail from the decoration of the main entrance to the king's palace.
The actual proof that I was present.
Wood decoration formed to resemble hand guns.
My excellent guide and host, Ethan.
Detail from building
Stone and wood
Wheel or maybe a sun symbol
Sharfs hanging in a store.
The tanneries where leather is bleached and then colored. To the left are the ammonium baths and to the right the baths with coloring.
More tanneries.
There were a lot of people working there that day, and the stench was awful.
A lot of the time is spend in the colored bassins, so it seems to me that their legs must begin to color after a while.
Some of the products of all this coloring.
The river going through Fes, seperating the touristy side on the left from the rest of the medina on the right.
Some kids were saying hi to Ethan in a park
Snails for eating.
Fancy decorations

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred