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Morocco in February

Couchsurfing with Julia in Tetouan and exploring the city.

January 26th, 2010

A ten minutes walk from the city took me in to the rif mountains, before rain forced me back to civilization.
Tetouan seen from the other side of a river which was filled with dirt due to heavy rain over the last few days.
The view out over the town in the evening sunlight.
Rif mountains and Tetouan
Kids playing ball in a back alley. It was at the height of the african cup, and Egypt was playing the arch enemy Algeria the same evening.
A man with something stuck in his teeth.
A small mosque in the foreground, and the Rif mountains and Tetouan in the background.
My wonderful host Julia watches the sunset.
A bit of restauration would make this place shine, but it doesn't seem anyone is really interested in that. Especially not the families squatting in the empty palace rooms.
Palm trees standing outside an abandoned palace.
The palace wall is adorned with a rainbow.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred