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Taking the train from Mandalay


Booking a train ticket in Myanmar would usually involve being invited in to a back office to take down passport details. In Mandalay the back office was so beautiful I went ahead and took a few shots of the busy (or not so busy) workers toiled away. A few of the shots in this series are taken later the same day on the train heading to Yangon.

June 21st, 2013

No computers and all hand written books means every transaction takes a lot of time.
Pink lunch bag in the foreground and busy faces lining the counter.
The new guys by the end of the row didn't have chairs.
In the corridor the paperwork is piling up.
A nice ticket-merchant pose.
My passport is inspected thoroughly and my details are taken down.
How to sell a ticket to a tourist.
The bikes on the road are waiting impatiently as I drive by in the train.
Hanging out the open train door as far as I can, I take this photo and then get reprimanded by the train staff.
The last evening photo, hanging from the train door and looking at the rain shower hovering over Mandalay that I have just left.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred