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Walking to Namsam (part 1)


In Hsipaw I joined a fellow tourist, Ruben, on a walk from Hsipaw to Namsam that would take us three days. These photos are from the first day and a half of the journey.

June 16th, 2013

Kids playing with tires were greeting Ruben and me when we arrived to the first village out of around 15 that we would pass through the next 3 days.
Thinoe doing her morning chores.
We stayed for the night with a family in a village that we stopped by at nightfall. They didn't speak English, but understood our gestures of wanting to sleep, and cooked us dinner while the kids were curiously looking at us.
The house where we slept the first night.
Breakfast is underway.
The view in the morning from the house where we had slept the first night.
Villages in the Shan State.
A temple in a village along the way.
Typical village street lined with beautiful wooden houses
A shrine near a temple
A tea mill with the miller and his daughter.
Kids outside a school
For some reason many kids along the way were convinced that 'bye' meant 'hello', so usually we were greeted with bye's, whether arriving or leaving.
The only motorized means of transportation between the villages were motorbikes.
Another village and another temple

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred