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All the way to Lewis

Outer Hebrides

We drove up from Glasgow late Monday evening and caught the boat from Ullapool to Stornoway early next morning. These are the photos of the first day and a half on the way and on Lewis

May 1st, 2018

We had camped by an old bridge based on a recommendation from a friend the night before and woke up to a beautiful scenery that was hard to leave, but we had a boat to catch, so we drank tea, had a quick look around and drove onwards
Lisa by the bridge
Selfie in my warmest down jacket
Watching the boat arriving to Ullapool
After driving around a bit aimlessly we found a beach we liked and decided to settle for the night
Me posing
The view out over the beach. The van is hiding just behind the hill right behind Lisa
Sand dunes and clouds
The water was fun and furious
Lisa looking back on the beach
The view of the beach facing north
Evening light on the cliffs
Me posing in front of the atlantic ocean
The waves would come in and create the loveliest noise as it moved all the rocks running back out
The sunshine got prettier and prettier that evening
We found the perfect spot for a beer and some chips
Lisa experimented with a slow exposure of the waves
Me in my inflatable jacket
The evening sky
The reflection of the clouds in the beach

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred