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100 Random Images

A random pick of 100 images from ifany.org (reload to reshuffle). I was browsing through random images the other day and thought it would be neat with a way to scroll through random moments and memories from my past. I suspect this will mostly be useful for my own nostalgic cravings, but still... here you go.

July 14th 2005 to October 28th 2021

Hanging out the open train door as far as I can, I take this photo and then get reprimanded by the train staff.
The glacier facing the hut where we were staying.
Rain and dark clouds
Dances by the bonfire
Babylonian archers. According to my audio guide the repeated depictions of almost identical archers were an effort to remove the individuality and represent human beings as a part of a military machinery. Oh babylon.
Sea weed on the rocks
Ash in the bin
Lura is not happy with the inversion layer.
Interesting font on tombstone at the cemetery of Venice.
An odd structure on an artificial lake
A hand made of rocks.
The rope bridge between Baglung and the path to Bakhunde
Rice fields by the road to Padang-Pajang.
Walking over limestone rock during sunset
Snowdrops and sleeping baby
Sitting in the deck of the ferry on the way home
Geishas walking in a temple
Jura across the sea
Lisa posing by the cliffs as evidence of us having been there
Lillebælt with two bridges between Jutland and Funen in Denmark
A bumblebee enjoying itself
Virgilio and Niece at our summit.
Fribourg meandering down towards the river
The roof of a traditional house
state of the kitchen
The view of Dundee from the train driving up to Aberdeen
A few goats a lining up to inspect a ruin.
Monks walking down the road toward the trainstation
Light falling on the valley beneath us
Very very Japanese signs. Particularly the polite roadworker.
Post-wedding brunch with some of the attendees
The view out over the bay near Lundin Links where I ended my walk with tired legs and found out that there was no bus on Sundays so I had to hitchhike to Leven
Casmirah looking angelic
Looking straight down towards Princess Street Garden
One of the more dillapidated corner buildings.
After the bridge fell down a few trucks were sent over to fix it, but for reasons unknown the trucks and the bridge were left to decay instead.
A flower vendor keeping an eye on me from behind the long plastic bags of pedals.
Waiting for our train to Lyon on the train station
Lisa Standing in an old oak in Dyrehaven near Copenhagen
The small village of St Abbs
Village kids posing
Carmen dancing by the fire
Ice leaping up the grass straws
Cactus flowers with liquidy cactus flower sugary water inside. Very tasty.
Malcolm and Frankie in a salacious chair dance
Sometimes you've got to be a little extra careful around the danger areas. Yi Yun didn't heed the advice and went straight past the sign though.
The Canadian side of the falls have been turned in to a bit of an amusement park
My favorite Japanese logo.
Greg + glasses
Stepping stones in Rivelin
A small shark in the water that decided to swim next to me as I walked along the beach
Dinner is served in the Paiyun Lodge
Walking from Hollyrood park over towards the regent
Lisa swimming
Dave on the top of Ben Lawers
Close up of a fishing boat.
Detail from door 5.
Christmas Day visit
View down over Gordale Scar
A small homestead in between ancient buildings.
A heron in Rivelin
A photo detailing the construction of a temple roof that Nandhini took.
Lobster sashimi so fresh that the lobster tried to crawl off the plate.
Traversing the glacier is a tricky business. I was instructed that if Ylva fell in a ravine to the left, I would dive headfirst into a ravine on the right. More or less.
Seal pup with mama
My campsite with a view
Holding Ari and Ash
It's hard to see but a herd of deer are running away on the grey rocks
1001 Salon
Archie, Monika and Phil smiling to the Camera
Watching improv
Windows slightly at an angle
Evening by chatsworth
Moel Ysgyfarnogod - We didn't summit, but had a nice look at it
Layers of paint.
It had rained in the night and the mountains were covered in snow
Emily went to pick up something
The wind was mixing up the rain with dust and sand
Rock formations at the beach
The view of the beach from the dunes
Minutes before it started pouring down
Night time street scene
Walking back to get dry

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred