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100 Random Images

A random pick of 100 images from ifany.org (reload to reshuffle). I was browsing through random images the other day and thought it would be neat with a way to scroll through random moments and memories from my past. I suspect this will mostly be useful for my own nostalgic cravings, but still... here you go.

October 15th 2006 to April 23rd 2021

The view out over the Ida valley
Layers of sediment in the sandstone rocks.
It had rained in the night and the mountains were covered in snow
A wall of boxes
Lise out on Besser Rev after the rain had passed over us
The view out over the water as the first few raindrops started to fall
The beach at the corner of the river right in between two big temples was a place of pilgrimage. Each day people would go for a quick swim while the small circular boats were drying on the river bank.
peacocks on a roof
A blue wall.
Another friend keeping watch as I walk by.
A large amphitheatre near Mallam called Mallam Cove
Kids playing ball in a back alley. It was at the height of the african cup, and Egypt was playing the arch enemy Algeria the same evening.
Silje i fuld udrustning.
Katy taking photos
A fishy looking elephant
Meeting each other
The view out towards the central valley and the setting sun
Rock formations by Taitung
Ash's foot in my hand
Fancy decorations
Manuka flowers
Even the ear rings matched
Throwing hand signs
Fire as seen from above
Early morning view of the hills near the house with a deer jumping by
Durbar square in the centre of Patan as seen from the guesthouse where I stayed
The girls' side of the courtyard
Late night chillin'
a helpful diagram showing how the ceiling in the image before is constructed
Twisted branches on a tree. Not my photo.
The view North from the roof of the building where I work. Calton Hill can be seen in the background
A tea mill with the miller and his daughter.
The stream contained something that was coloring the stones white.
Walking over limestone rock during sunset
Soldiers are sitting listening to a speech on the campus of Tongji University
The sun came out and I captured this beauty
Behind the curtain of the old theater of Iquique, where the pulleys are lined up to hoist stage equipment up and down.
The wheels are watchful
The view out over the neighboring valley by the Paiyun lodge
Light in the rain over Loch Shiphoirt
Emily has found a cave
Nik, Marlies and a bunch of dead ferns
I've painted eyes on the pizza oven
The infamous Japanese rush hour traffic
Bridge as seen from below
Lisa and Ash went for a walk somewhere else and I had half a day to myself and it was glorious
A girl selling fresh fish on the fish market in Labuan Bajo
More of the same waves
The view over Kyoto from a temple perched on the hillside
The coast leading north
The wind kept blowing sand everywhere. It's a miracle the dunes are still standing.
My meager excuse of a room, which hopefully soon will be improved with photos and superflous furniture.
Dancing threeways
Another paddle-selfie
My favorite piece at the Thyssen Museum
Someone had the idea of building a castle because, why not.
Detail from Fabio's house
Illuminated stall with candy at the side of the main street
The view of Baglung after crossing the rope bridge
The church at the cemetery island.
Reading the paper
The city with blooming gorse in the foreground
A couple of priests/touts asking for donations after we had taken their picture.
Same photo (but Hesper and Drew left)
An almost exact replica of the first photo from Greenland, but this time with a fresh layer of snow.
Lucky for me, the signpost wasn't completely covered
Setting up shop at Saint Brides beach
Lunch break with Moseley Junior + Senior (taken by Tautvydas)
Chilling at Agden Resevoir
Courtyard of the Nasrid Palace
Layers of paint.
Blue Paint
Happy Lura.
I wish I knew what mountain this is
Me getting shaved in Andahuaylas

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred