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100 Random Images

A random pick of 100 images from ifany.org (reload to reshuffle). I was browsing through random images the other day and thought it would be neat with a way to scroll through random moments and memories from my past. I suspect this will mostly be useful for my own nostalgic cravings, but still... here you go.

March 14th 2005 to February 26th 2021

Another and closer shot of the glorious city of Kulusuk.
Instead of a hinge, a shoe sole was used to build the gate
Lisa's parents visiting
The sky is reflected on the wet ocean floor
Three pagodas on a row next to the Irrawadi river.
Gentle Assyrian winged 5-legged bulls
My Torch
The church of San Miguel Alto seen from the Generalife
Getting too long for his ladybird suit
Walking down towards the beach
Metallic and formerly painted plate
Cows are lead across the fields.
The city with blooming gorse in the foreground
More wonderful bark.
An unfrozen lagoon
I'm guessing oats
Two schoolkids posing on their way to school
Flowers near the tea plantations around Hatton
The house where we slept the first night.
Aïn Ghazal, the oldest object in the louvre. The slightly awkward boy was found in Jordan and is over 9000 years old
Power lines going through the desert
Old paint.
Our camp taken on the next morning with Nilgiri and Tilicho both in the background
Boats on the beach. I had to meticulously pick an angle where I didn't have somebody pooing in the picture.
This is where I went down
Lisa's head can be seen as she's swimming out by the rocks
Looking back towards Manhatten
Smiling baby!
The end of Leith Walk looking up towards the city centre
Bubble tea pizza. The main reason I went to Taiwan in the first place
The pacific seen from above.
The view out over Glencoe valley early next morning as I set out at 6:30am with my headtorch lit and snow falling gently from the heavy clouds
Everything falls apart all the time
The view due north from Ben Lawers
If you look closely you can see an alligator lurking in the water
Dunes by Wharariki beach
Smiley happy seal pup
everybody dancing together
Steven and my backpack enjoying the view out over the lake near the second highest spot on Isla del Sol.
After not being eaten by a crocodile I return back through the jungle.
A playboy must surely live here
Minutes before it started pouring down
Lisa's face
A river we crossed on the way over the first pass.
A wall of boxes
Part of Balvenie Distillery
Blue Paint
Holding his own bottle like a hero
Colours of rock
Curvy glacier.
Walking up the last stretch towards Meall Garbh
First camp in the evening after we found a suitable spot without snow
Old paint
Walking up the ridge
Families by the beach.
The forest near a mountain where we had a hike in the rain.
Another row of monoliths at another traditional village
We walked in the snow
Beer drinking in the evening sun
Dead trees and mountains near coyhaique
The artificial lake in Parque del Retiro
Another pipe smoking trail totem
A corridor of boxes
Ice and rock
Karen and Lasse out in the yard
Most of the village was gathered behind me and to the right watching the raising of the flag.
Hanging out
More beach time
Photo of my face. I think Nandhini took this photo.
An early morning walk near the camp ground by Oban
The last bit of light on the mountains
Me sitting on a rock
The view of Dundee from the train driving up to Aberdeen
The actual proof that I was present.
Ruthie, Virgilio and his nephew waiting around for me to get back to the car
Kitty and Martin dancing
Dancing keeps going
jungle and tropical suburb.
The train station at Beijing airport
This is my favorite Tokamak
Ice, ice and ice. With strange circular holes.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred