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100 Random Images

A random pick of 100 images from ifany.org (reload to reshuffle). I was browsing through random images the other day and thought it would be neat with a way to scroll through random moments and memories from my past. I suspect this will mostly be useful for my own nostalgic cravings, but still... here you go.

March 15th 2005 to December 20th 2020

George Phillip on the top after 1200 altitude meters and plenty of sunshine.
The mountains in the direction of Verbier
selfie by a waterfall we met on the way
People walking in a long line towards the last ascend
The man responsible for keeping the river from imploding.
Cliffs mended by water.
Emily went to pick up something
Lisa looking back on the beach
On the way to go skiing in the Nevis Range, two weeks earlier
Waiting for the ferry in Dover
Military checkpoint on the road that leads down to the mosque.
Pagodas in the hills. In the background the Soon u Ponya Shin pagoda is sitting at the very top of the hill.
Typical Indonesian architecture.
Sulphuric landscape coloring
The rainbow grows as we are getting closer
Marvelous Mirwid
Patterns in the sand made by sandworms
on the beach after running down the dunes
The dining car in the train where we spent a lot of time eating and talking to other passengers
Sharfs hanging in a store.
Dancing on the kitchen table during kitchen party on Saturday
Looking back towards Edinburgh on the road towards Athurs seat
The street is impassable
Evening light on Isla del Sol, near cochabamba, Bolivia.
The green carpets bring a beautiful light to the courtyard in the early evening.
Singapore and race track
Frozen Sea.
Lisa swimming
The top and neighboring mountains
The jungle of Cagalandia. A path was made to reach the far left point during my last week at the place.
The evening sky
Ruthie on the rocks.
On the way up I lost a glove that got carried away by the wind. It tumbled down the glacier before it finally decide to stop right be the edge next to a vertical drop. It was still there on the way down, and I went to pick it up again.
Two of the durians that we had ordered are being weighed
Ice on the path
A relatively minimalistic temple in what looked like a garange in Tainan
These amphibious fish would sit on the beach near the mangrove trees and then jump away on top of the water when I would appear.
Neatly fitted rocks
Detail from door 2.
Skipping rocks
The focus is on dirty words
Lisa on a rainy walk up to a TV tower
Storytime catchup and breakfast
Early sunshine on the Andes mountains
Lisa making Tea in the van in the early morning
The view out over Kathmandu from the terrace of the Monkey Temple
Seal pup looking up
David and Hanne dancing
Silje found a caterpillar
Lisa's head can be seen as she's swimming out by the rocks
At night looking out over the city with the addition of a random couple
Beautiful street art
Sie ist ein model
The view of Dhaulagiri the seventh highest mountain in the world from the viewpoint
The spiderweb rice fields of Flores
The edge of lago Pamplona
Vast plains like this one stretches over most of southern Peru.
Wharariki right before sunset
We were walking in this wonderful green forest part of the way heading back home.
More street life
The view towards Old Town
Eating lunch by the St Abbs lighthouse
The view out from where Rieko and I were eating dinner. I later got very sick because of this dinner.
Clouds over New Town
Pretty and less pretty dogs.
A mountain I climbed. I don't know the name.
Brunch with Fran at Lossiemouth
A hot spring I randomly found on my path. I couldn't believe me luck since it was early in the morning and still fairly cold. There wasn't anybody nearby so I stripped off my clothes and jumped in for a refreshing swim.
A few goats a lining up to inspect a ruin.
Teddy sized baby
A side alley full of signs
The race starts as young boys chase the camels out of the start zone.
Giant super comfy priest slippers
Virgilio and Niece at our summit.
As we gained altitude, the snow became deeper and less slushy
the garden seen from above
Ice, rocks and snow
Toby, Lory and Yi Yun in my parent's kitchen
Heavy clouds
The view towards the city from Warriston

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred