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Les Dents du Jaman

Spring in Switzerland 2010

The first spring hike, leading from les Cases up to les Dents du Jaman and down on the other side of the Mountain.

May 8th, 2010

Snow is still covering the nothern slopes of Rocher du Naye
The snowy fields beneath les Dents du Jaman
Where we came from
The final ascend up to les Dents du Jaman. Ylva and Marc are walking in the foreground, and Lura is a little lower down.
The view from the top
The view from les Dents du Jaman a moment where the clouds blew away
The fribourgoise alpes in their glory
Lura with peru-hat
Les Dents du Jaman, covered in clouds
Lines of trees decorate the mountainside diagonally
From Montreux we could deduce that they were getting rain on the french side of the lake
Rain and dark clouds
Ducks and Mountains
The lake a second or two before it started raining

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred