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Samsø 2019

Summer 2019

Every year I invite a few friends to stay with me on Samsø for a few days of cooking, walking and relaxing together, and every year it's just about the happiest weekend of the year for me. This year we were 18 people staying together for 4 beautiful days in the family summer house.

September 9th, 2019

Lisa Standing in an old oak in Dyrehaven near Copenhagen
Me standing in the same old oak
A deer in Dyrehaven
Butterflies on the mulberry tree in the garden in Samsø
Lisa walking down to the beach
Ten pheasants on the path in front of us
Lisa in her favourite element
Walking back over the hills after a morning swim
Me grinning proudly after having found some field mushrooms
The fruits of our labour after an afternoon of picking
A walk in the hills
Kirsten and David sitting on the stairwell leading down to the beach
Me throwing a rock in the water
Martin and Lisa in the hills
Finding better rocks to throw in the sea
A very photogenic horse
Horse hugs!
Saying hi to the horse and its pony friend
The beach
Out swimming in the waves. Me to the left and Martin to the right
Early morning scones after a swim in the sea
More early morning scone eating
Scone eating by the beach
Silje found a caterpillar
Puzzle assembly in the garden
Hanging out
Walking near the edge
Yet another swim
People swimming

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred