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Along the Forth

Summer and Autumn

Together with Jenna, Grace and Marlies we set out to walk from Edinburgh to South Queensferry. Our route took us along the coast past Cramond Island and up along the Almond river before turning back out towards the water through the Dalmeny estate. Along the way we were kindly treated to ripe cherries and more raspberries than we could eat, which nicely supplemented our own selection of mediocre smoothies

August 7th, 2016

Boats along the almond river
Grace, Jenna and I stop for a smoothie break
Grace, Jenna and Marlies in that one moment during the walk where it was really warm and sunny
I'm guessing oats
Me skipping rocks on the beach
Jenna is ecstatic about white raspberries
I'm ecstatic about the forth rail bridge
More forth rail bridge
All three forth bridges
One more shot of the forth bridges

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred