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Taipei, Taitung, Tainan

The Far East

After Japan I flew to Taiwan to visit Yi Yun and Pei Pei who had visited me in Edinburgh. I stayed in their family home before we headed south to Taitung and spent some days exploring the more remote parts of the island. Finally since Yi Yun had an event to attend in Taipei I went to Tainan to explore the old capital of Taiwan myself.

December 5th, 2016

On my way to Taiwan from Tokyo I passed over the Fuji mountain
I was staying with Yi Yun's family in Taoyuan and was welcomed to my room with a welcome banner
Family dinner on the eve of my arrival
Yi Yun's parents run a breakfast shop out of the commercial space in their building. I had the best breakfasts in the morning, and fresh pressed soy milk.
A shopkeeper looks at me as I walk past him on a street in Taipei
A stand on a corner in the old town of Taipei
I found this book in a cafe in Taipei. It contained lots of practical tips and advice for how to converse with Americans. Very useful.
Me walking through the night market (taken by Yi Yun)
I'm not sure exactly why my tongue is sticking out of my mouth (taken by Yi Yun)
Eating roasted water chestnut (taken by Yi Yun)
We were waiting for the road to clear, driving in to the mountains and found an old bridge next to the highway.
The beautiful logo of a goose restaurant in Taitung
Crossing an old Japanese suspension bridge in the central mountains
Vender prepares pancakes at the night market
Playing a game of darts versus waterballoons, Yi Yun won a fantastic bubble creating device
Fish soup with roe at the night market in what I think was Shuiyuan
Sometimes you've got to be a little extra careful around the danger areas. Yi Yun didn't heed the advice and went straight past the sign though.
Rock formations by Taitung
Looking south along the shoreline towards the small harbour in Fugang
Yi Yun cleaving a coconut with great expertise
The view out along the shore walking up the Dulan Mountain
The trail up towards the top
The view out over the rift valley on the other side of the pass
The Dulan Coast north of Taitung
A lot of monkeys were hanging out by a monkey statue next to a bridge
The new bridge crossing the over to Taiyuan
Yi Yun's friends living in Taiyuan and collecting old doors in order to build their own home entirely out of scrapwood
On the train to Tainan I passed this bridge and felt lucky I had picked the train going on the other bridge.
A boy in atemplte in Tainan playing the drum
A relatively minimalistic temple in what looked like a garange in Tainan
An old tree with prayers
Night market in Tainan

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred