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The Far East

I visited my cousin Troels and his girlfriend Kanae as well as my friend Rieko in Tokyo. The photos are mostly from my long walks crisscrossing the city by foot. On the first day I walked from Ikebukure to Shibuya, the second day I walked around Ueno and the last day I spent around Chioda and the central business district before heading up to Akihabara to see some Owls and then to Asakusa for a walk about.

November 28th to December 2nd, 2016

The view out over Blåvand, the westernmost point in Denmark
Lillebælt with two bridges between Jutland and Funen in Denmark
My favorite Japanese logo.
A ginko leaf by a temple. I love the shape of these leaves.
A very intimidating owl sitting somewhere south of Ikebukoro.
For you safety
A tram stop.
A random park I found along the way to Shinagawa.
Very very Japanese signs. Particularly the polite roadworker.
Fish-foot-massage. The fish had a feast eating dead skin of my smelly toes.
The robot restaurant near Shinagawa. Just in case anybody had asked for a robot restaurant.
Pedestrian crossing near Shinagawa. (This is not Shibuya)
A path in the Shinjuko Gyoen with the city hiding in the background.
Godzilla rearing his head out aboce a mall.
A small alley-way close to Shibuya
The information display at the JR rail ticket machines.
A pedestrian bridge by the Tokyo Teleport.
A box bridge by the harbour.
The Rainbow Bridge in the Tokyo Harbour.
A small statue sitting close to the entrance of the Tokyo National Museum.
A scene from nature.
Everything is cute in Japan. That includes the firetrucks.
I had a cup of coffee in the cutests of cafes where an old couple where paying more attention to their cat than me (which was fine with me).
A cute cat cup from the same cafe.
Shinobazunoike Bentendo temple by Shinobazu Pond.
The view over the boat-renting part of Shinobazu Pond close to Ueno.
Shinobazu Pond and the towering Tokyo skyline.
A fan shop I visited along the way.
A pedistrian crossing near Akihabara.
A caleidoscopic autoportrait of sorts.
Visiting owls in an Owl Cafe by Akihabara.
Looking out the window in case any rodents should be walking around outside.
Eating Kaiseki in Ginza.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred