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Isle of Arran

The Scottish Highlands

I went to the Isle of Arran together with Marlies who probably took a few of these shots. We climbed up Goatfell and drove around the island afterwards, seeing a few monoliths along the way. It's a beautiful place.

May 2nd, 2015

Ice blown over the grass leaves
Walking up to Goatfell while the sun was still shining
The view down towards Brodick where the sun was still shining
Ice on the path
Light falling on the valley beneath us
The view from the top of Goatfell
Looking north
Stones marking an ancient burial ground
Heading down towards the sea. This photo is taken by Marlies
Bronze age monoliths on the Machrie Moor with rain on the lens
A monolith standing by itself on the Machrie Moor
Same Monolith, still standing tall on Machrie Moor
The cross in King's Cave with the addition of a much more recent pentagram above it

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred