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Two weeks in Nepal

Rieko took me on a walk up the hillside to a small mountain village called Bhakune where we stayed a night. The next morning we walked up to a viewtower and had a look out over the beautiful view of the himalayas. If you're curious you can read my diary from the trip to Bhakunde and the day after.

September 19th, 2015

A small village we pass on our way to Bhakunde
We stayed at the house of these two adorable girls
The girl in the middle handed Rieko a goat kid and sat down next to her with her own.
Baglung can be seen down by the river with the spread out houses of Bhakunde in the foreground
I walked off in the late afternoon to take a look at the view. This is the road leading futher in to the mountains from Bhakunde.
Rain falls on the mountains. I would soon get soaked myself.
On the top of a nearby hill stood a half finished viewtower. This is a photo of the staircase that I nervously climbed to take a look at the surroundings.
I took the best photo of the day with my phone right after waking up
The view the next morning of the mountains across the valley took me completely by surprise. It had been cloudy the day before so I had no idea that they were there at all.
The mother in the family getting water from Tea. We were waiting for some friends of Rieko's to go up to the viewtower where I had been the night before.
Rieko and the grandmother
The view out over the same mountains where it had been raining when I was walking up to the viewtower the evening before
Both Annapurna and Machhapuchchhre can be seen in the Annapurna range across from the valley, the first to the left while the fishtail peak with it's two tops is slightly to the right of the center of the image
The view towards Baglung and Dhaulagiri from the viewtower
The same view with the wider lens of the phone camera
Rieko at the viewtower
We're taking a moment's break on our walk down to a temple
The old path to the temple
The temple is sitting on a ridge with a beautiful view out to both sides
The caretaker's phonenumber is on the gate
Rieko ringing the tempel bells
Rieko together with parts of the family who hosted us and treated us like royalty

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred