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Walking to Jomsom

Two weeks in Nepal

I decided to walk the last 35 kilometers to Jomsom from Ghasa after having made very little progress using public transportation the day before. I figured I'd stay close to the road and jump on a jeep if any were passing, but as the day went by I enjoyed walking so much I ended up walking most of the distance on smaller paths before finally stopping a passing jeep for the last 8 kilometers between Marpha and Jomsom. For the curious there is also my diary from the walk to Jomsom.

September 22nd, 2015

The view of Dhaulagiri in Neti
Dhaulagiri and the Gandaki river
Another shot of Dhaulagiri as I cross the Gandaki river
A small village near the bend of the Gandaki river
I stopped at a tea house to get a bit of breakfast
The son of the owner of the tea house
The Gandaki river and the backside of the Nilgiri Range
Two young gentlemen with whom I crossed the river barefoot
The view from Larjung towards Khobang
A nice window in Tukuche
A Rope bridge near Marpha
The view from where I was sitting and eating apple pie in my lunch break
Syang and stupa

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred