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Visiting Ireland

After dancing in Fair City Blues, Lisa and I drove west in Lisa's van to visit Ireland. We mostly stayed close to the Connemara National Park, parking several days by a small beach before spending one night in the mountains perched on a precarious parking spot on the hillside before driving past the Cliffs of Moher and back to Dublin.

March 27th, 2018

We stayed the first night in Wicklow Mountains National Park just South of Dublin
Lisa on a rainy walk up to a TV tower
The second night we had stayed close to Mullingar and had breakfast on the banks of Lough Ennel
We arrive to Maum close to Connemara and suddenly there were mountains everywhere
The evening we decided to walk up a small peak
Lisa on the mountainside
Far away rain shower
The look south towards the coast where we would be headed later that evening
We found a nice spot by a beach that night and after getting un-stuck and sleeping we woke up to a beautiful partially sunny sky and decided to go for a swim. I ran in naked very quickly while Lisa wore a wetsuit and had a proper swim.
It had rained in the night and the mountains were covered in snow
High tide at the beach with the van in the background
Lisa's head can be seen as she's swimming out by the rocks
A few donkeys on a nearby farm
The view over the mountains from a small tidal island we visited the next morning
Lisa on the beach writing me a message
We found a lot of small cute shells on the island
An obnoxious selfie
A beach full of small colorful shells
An even more obnoxious selfie
Our perfect (and scary) parking spot on a mountain side
Walking up the mountain
Posing on the top
Lisa finding the most direct path upwards
More posing
Sunset on the mountains
Lisa watching the sunrise
The view out over Connemara national park
Our drying rack that morning
Sheep that had been spraypainted by some vandals
Goodbye mountains!
Driving towards the cliffs of Moher we came by these also very incredible sea cliffs
The view back towards Connemara
The Cliffs of Moher
Lisa posing by the cliffs as evidence of us having been there

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred