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Berwick Coastal Path

Winter Days

Together with Nik and Marlies I went down to the border to walk along the coast from St Abbs up to Cockburnpath (pronounced Coeberunpath) past the lighthouse of St Abbs Head and up along the high coastal cliffs

January 17th, 2016

Rail viaduct and road bridge passing over the Tweed river
The cute fishing village of St Abbs where we started the day
The lighthouse building of St Abbs Head was sitting in the most gorgeous place
A look along the coast we would be spending the next 4 hours walking along
The water had a beautiful color to it
An isolated rocky beach hidden away between cliffs
A small waterfall on the same beach as seen from above
Nik, Marlies and a bunch of dead ferns
The afternoon view
The exact moment Nick realised he had gotten his socks wet again
Green muddy grass fields with a backdrop of snowy hills

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred