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Winter in Egypt

Pictures from two days in Luxor, Egypt, spent walking around the city and looking at the occasional ruin.

January 21st, 2013

Two tourists are transported around by carriage. Most of the carriages would idle around the streets with their drivers desperate for customers offering rides to anywhere for 5 egyptian pounds.
A pile of stacked tires at a random back-alley in Luxor
A donkey standing around with nothing to do. It's a tough life being a donkey.
The square in front of the luxor temple where Egyptian families would picnic in the afternoon.
Inscription on the base of a statue
A pharao in front of the Luxor temple
Two statues with heads and one without a head.
Blocks with ancient inscriptions and modern luxor in the background.
Superflous chairs at the roadside.
Two of the many groups of tourists roaming about the Luxor Temple.
Egyptian Souvenirs from the souk
Illuminated stall with candy at the side of the main street
More candy and plenty of dolls
Hatshepsut's temple in the early dusk.
Heading home in the late afternoon.
Hatshepsut's temple after closing time. I managed to sneak in and made it this far before I got stopped and had to pay 5 pounds as a bribe to a guy who insisted that I by no means could come any closer.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred