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Shali from Above

Winter in Egypt

The center of Shali stretches around two sandstone hills, one slightly taller than the other. The old mud fortress lies at the foot of the lower, while a mosque is resting in the shade of the taller. These photos show the view from the tall hill just as the sun was setting.

January 27th, 2013

Old unoccupied mud houses in the foreground and Gebel Dakrur in the background.
The view out towards one of the salt lakes and the white mountain.
The old town of Shali in it's ruined state. In the background to the left the lower hill pops up.
Dusty green palm trees in the evening light.
At this point I was running up the hill to make sure to make it to the top before the sun went down.
The structure of old Shali shows clearly in this photo, and if you look carefully you can pick out a few of the mud houses that are still inhabited.
The hill you can see in the background to the left is the temple of the oracle of Siwa where Alexander the great went to seek advice back in ancient times.
Two kids shared the experience with me.
The mosque and it's parking lot is lying just below me in the foreground

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred