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Visiting Seattle

A Long Time Away From Home

As part of a work trip I was beamed to the mothership in Seattle to experience the real Amazon and eat a lot of Asian food. These photos are taken on walks around the city as well as a beautiful hike in the nearby mountains

June 1st, 2016

My hotel room was hitting the sweet 60's beige living room feeling
A look out over the bay towards the Olympia Peninsula
Mount Raineer was a constant presence in the distance
A beautiful sign made by a sign maker showing off their craft and talent
A hike up in the Rockies with Cooper and his girlfriend
The end-point of our hike
The view towards Raineer (white thing next to the two trees in the middle)
Lui Sha Bao, my favorite kind of bao
Downtown Seattle with Amazon buildings everywhere
The obligatory space needle photo (next to f*** city - German motor specialists)
I'm very happy and Gordon is very confused
Space needle + mountains on Olympia Peninsula as seen from the roof of an Amazon building in South Lake Union
Mountains on Olympia Peninsula at dusk
Downtown in the background. Colleagues in the foreground.
South Lake
The legendary mystory coke machine of Capitol Hill
Everything is a mystery!
The view out my window during the Up the River conference

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred