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Cairo Day 1

Around the Middle East

These images are taken on two walks in Cairo, one heading south east from Tahrir square towards the arabic part of town and then back around including a visit to the Egyptian Museum (Photos 1 to 8). For the other I went around in the streets between Tahrir Square and the head quaters of the military police, where most protests have taken place over the last year (Photos 9 to 14).

February 17th, 2012

Detail from and old wooden door
Market somewhere in Cairo
Two lazy cats
Some queen.
A lion made out of rock.
The entrance to the egyptian museum
If you've been eating good food in Cairo, you've probably been to this restaurant.
Barriers to protect the headquarters of the secret police close to Tahrir Square.
Demonstration on Tahrir Square.
Flags on Tahrir Square
The green faces are demonstrators killed during protests
A road block that was tipped over after the demonstrations in the wake of the Port Said football game.
The army preparing for the next clash.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred