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Yahel and Timba

Around the Middle East

Going south from Hebron I stayed at the Kibbutz Yahel where Yaya hosted me for a few days. The kibbutz is located in the desert and is as such surrounded entirely by nature begging to be hiked, so that's what I did for a few days. The first 4 pictures are from hikes around the area of the Kibbutz, while the rest are from Timba, a nature preserve close by.

February 14th, 2012

Egg shaped rocks were for some reason spread out and about.
The Jordan valley seen from above.
It astonished me that these trees survive. Yet they somehow manage to keep going on the rainfall which doesn't happen much more often than once per year.
Dry valley formed by occasional rain.
A friend I ran into on my hike.
Another friend keeping watch as I walk by.
A dry river valley.
A tree up close.
Same as last photo but from a different angle.
Somebody had been driving in the desert.
A whole family of Ibex.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred