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Things I liked in Louvre

Autumn in and around Scotland

I went to Louvre on a trip to Paris and fell in love with the Mesopotamian collection. After spending a couple of hours there I ended up with a lot of photos on my phones of objects and reliefs that I can no longer place. Because they are inherently beautiful even out of their historical context I feel these images are still worth sharing. I've still annotated a few historical details from memory but forgive me if I get it wrong.

October 16th, 2015

On my way to Louvre I flew over the three Forth bridges
Isis spreading her gentle wings
A wonderful striped bird. It would make a great tattoo.
Small Phoenesian glass and clay objects
An Egyptian look alike pharao from somewhere else entirely
A cantankerous little devil
A Babylonian lion roaring as he walks
Babylonian archers. According to my audio guide the repeated depictions of almost identical archers were an effort to remove the individuality and represent human beings as a part of a military machinery. Oh babylon.
The top of a column from the Persian king Darius I's audience hall
An elegant flying goat
Lion with handle
Close up of archer
Delightful horned flying beings
The beast of beasts holding and animal by it's tail to show off its supremacy in the animal kingdom
Aïn Ghazal, the oldest object in the louvre. The slightly awkward boy was found in Jordan and is over 9000 years old
A pig head vase or fountainhead
I want these for my kitchen
Gentle Assyrian winged 5-legged bulls
The summerian king Gudea (thanks Maïra for correcting me on this one)
The obligatory photo of the Eiffel tower I passed on a run

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred