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Two weeks in Nepal

I spent my last few days in Patan, a suburb of sorts to Kathmandu lying 15 minutes south of the capital and south of the river. Patan used to be the capital of its own kingdom before the three kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley were united. It's former glory can still be seen and every side street has its own little hidden entrance into a beautiful curtyard or temple.

September 29th, 2015

Durbar square in the centre of Patan as seen from the guesthouse where I stayed
A weird dancing penis skeleton adorned several temple walls
Fowl for sale
A male and female lion guarding the temple entrance
Another lion smiling proudly next to the temple bell
A small girl in a fabric shop looks up from a game when I pass by
A typical entrance to a hidden courtyard in an otherwise normal side street
Beautiful Nevari woodwork
Metal workers working on bhudda statues
A dog is keeping watch over an alley
Intricately carved temple entrance
The guy in charge of lighting lights
Bells attached to other bells
Another multibell by the temple entrance
A look up under the roof of a temple
Many of the doors in the city had watchful eyes drawn around the frame
I found this old lady just sitting outside the courtyard. She kindly obliged to have her photo taken
Durbar square by nightfall
At a Nevari restaurant, Rieko and Sudeep are watching our cook prepare our meal
The view out over Kathmandu from the terrace of the Monkey Temple

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred