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Cagalandia, Part 1


The first of two galleries with photos from Cagalandia

February 6th, 2011

The view from my tent towards the bay of Cagalandia. In the foreground can be seen Darren, Beethoven (the dog) and Johnny). The No Crab Cove is situated at the top right of the bay. We caught plenty of no crabs there.
Small rests of rope hanging waiting to be used.
Early morning view of the bay of Cagalandia.
The entrance to Cagalandia can be seen on the left. A usual pile of dry wood can be seen on the background on the right.
Another morning view of the bay of Cagalandia and the old fish net which we improved and replaced.
The jungle of Cagalandia. A path was made to reach the far left point during my last week at the place.
The kitchen where only hot water streamed from the faucet.
Thomas Verster himself.
Cagalandia (In english it means
Evening light with pink clouds in the bay of Cagalandia
My fellow volunteers, Darren in the foreground and Johnny in the back.
The canoe on a wet and but quiet day.
The look from the Canoe out in the fjord
Seong (a fellow volunteer) collecting mussels
Sea weed on the rocks
Beethoven and Arrigato looking miserable in the rain
Thomas walking out to the goats Jose and Maahria who are happily eating grass in the background.
Seong and Beethoven fishing.
The main square of Cagalandia with the kitchen to the right, the food chamber to the left and a lot of buckets all around.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred