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Cagalandia, Part 2


February 15th, 2011

Thomas Verster, posing by the beach
A rainy day
The canoe in a rainy day
Seong fishing
The roots of the jungle are extending out several meters beyond the rock base
The view of Cagalandia in the afternoon sun. It doesn't look like much from here.
One exceptionally beautiful morning with a heavy layer of clouds as a pillow on top of the morning light coming in underneath
The pillow of clouds slowly disintegrate
It had been raining heavily the days before, and the river behind me was creating waves as it was flowing out in to the bay
The dolphins were out that morning
Putting out the new fishing net. Thomas to the right, Seong in the middle and Darren in the front of the canoe.
A view of the coast line some 40 minutes of paddling from Cagalandia towards Raul Marin. Behind the far away mountains, the ocean is hiding.
Low and grey clouds seeping out through the mountains.
More seeping clouds together with the coastline of Cagalandia
This is me, holding a crab in my hand which I later killed by tearing off the claws and ripping open the shell from behind. It was terrible. I'm still traumatized, but I had to eat something.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred