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Castle Tokamak

Castle Tokamak

Over 4 days in July, I had organised a weekend of hanging out, eating, dancing and enjoying each other's company for about 120 people in Featherstone Castle.

July 19th, 2018

Gathering on the ballwarks after dinner Thursday evening
David serving up soup on the Thursday evening
Jenny and Max dancing during the Friday night dance
Saturday's ballroom decorated with paper flowers and played up by Battery Powered Blues Band
Battery Powered Blues Band on Saturday night
Dancing in the main ballroom on Saturday night
Flowers and dancers (II)
Flowers and dancers (I)
Flowers and dancers (III)
Battery powered blues + Brad on lighting
A beautifully lid ballroom
Frankie in UV light
More illuminated dancing
Lisa's face
Dancing on the kitchen table during kitchen party on Saturday
The castle seen from the river Sunday night
Tree illuminated by fairy lights
Sitting by the fire with dancers in the background
Bringing fairy lights back to the castle

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred