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Beach Tokamak May

Beach Tokamak in May

After a spell of good weather I decided to call a dance party on the beach behind the port of Leith a few weeks later in the hope that the good times would keep on coming. And they did. The good times were so good.

May 19th, 2018

Paul kindling the fire
Lawrence and Carmen (I think) dancing
Embers from the fire flowing out towards the dance floor
The dance floor
Paul and Kathryn dancing
Fire and dancing and Ewan with a stick
Fire and dancing
Anna and Raf
Jessica and Ewan dancing
Myself and Raf dancing (taken by Anna)
Smiles by the fire
Paul and Kathryn
Lawrence is pronouncing some scottish word
David's laser lighting up the dance floor (taken by Anna)
Lasers + bonfires
This is my favorite Tokamak
This is my favorite Tokamak but from further away
The fire
Light over the port
Survivers photo in the morning

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred