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February: Smiles

First months of Ash Lark

It was around Feburary that Ash started smiling and reacting to me. It felt like a monumental change going from this baby-object that needed care to a person of sorts that would look at me and respond to me. Lisa and I were still both off work looking after Ash and we were still struggling with Ash screaming a lot in the evenings and refusing to be put down. I was feeling worn down from trying to look after Lisa when she was ill. Those small moments of interaction and connection meant a lot. They were like rays of sunshine.

February 1st, 2021

Lisa and Ash by Rivelin
Lisa and Ash in the snow
Sleepy Schlarkster
Ash and I going to sleep in the evening
Nass coming over with dinner
Smiling baby!
Snowdrops and sleeping baby
Ash in his new hammock
Lisa's parents visiting

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred