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January: Recovery

First months of Ash Lark

January was snowy and full of slowly getting to our feet with Lisa recovering and all of us getting in to a rhythm of feeding and walks. It was a hard month, but there were also many things to feel pleased about, like the freedom won by walking with Ash in the sling and how Ash slowly started becoming more aware of his surroundings. It was in January that he first started smiling and reacting to the sounds I'd make.

January 6th, 2021

Ash being asleep on my shoulder in a rare moment
Many hours were spent sitting with Ash on my knees drinking formula
Once Lisa starting wearing Ash in a sling, she learned how to breastfeed while walking which was very useful
Breakfast burritos
Ash's foot in my hand
Lisa and Ash hanging out by the projector
Me and Ash participating in Trivia late at night
Out for a walk on a foggy day

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred