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Alto las Vizcachas

First semester in Santiago

Hike with Kathi to the outskirts of Santiago, where the buildings stop and trees begin, later to replaced with cacti as the altitude rises.

October 23rd, 2010

Cactus flowers with liquidy cactus flower sugary water inside. Very tasty.
Close up of cactus flowers.
Cactus berries that tasted not very much like anything else.
Dry cactus looks really neat.
The smog of Santiago is creeping up the mountain sides, but for a brief moment we are above it.
Tiny adorable leaves of a bushy tree-like plant
A lizard is on stand by on this surprisingly cloudy day
We were walking in this wonderful green forest part of the way heading back home.
Just one amongst several different flowers spotted during the trip.
Adorable horses and a horsito.
Santiago can be seen in the background, but that's probably better to ignore.
Many of the small leafed tree bushes were blooming with flowers of a wonderfully warm yellow hue.
The slightly burned bark of an eucalyptus tree.
Strange bearded flowers on a eucalyptus tree.
Kathi is picking Camomile flowers while I'm enjoying the view of beautiful Santiago.
Yellow flowers covering the last hillside before we reached the outskirts of Santiago.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred