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Cajon del Maipu

First semester in Santiago

October 2nd, 2010

Walking up towards a snow covered laguna
Sulphuric landscape coloring
The water came from a sulphuric underworld
Tasty red water (actually, it supposedly tasted pretty bad according to Darren)
Sulphur and snow
Take a good look at the mountains in the background, as this is closer to their real color than a later picture in this series.
Sulphuric mountainside and some very dark rocks to make for a good contrast
Diagonal mountainside
When you have both shadows and snow in the same picture, it gets really difficult to show the colors of the landscape, without clipping out both.
I will readily admit that these cliffs weren't really that colorful in reality. Not that the colors are fake. They are just brought forward to be admired.
This is completely unrelated, but from the same trip

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred