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First semester in Santiago

A brief portrait of Santiago as it appeared a winter's day by the end of July.

July 22nd to September 29th, 2010

This is me, just off the plane. Jetlagged and cold.
This is Santiago, as it looked the day after I got of the plane. The view is from Cerro Santa Lucia.
Looking North-West from Cerro Santa Lucia, overlooking Providencia
Looking south-east from Cerro Santa Lucia, overlooking Santiago Center
Looking West from Cerro Santa Lucia
Le Che sitting on a wall in a crummy neighborhood
Looking South from Cerro Santa Lucia
Political Street art spawned from Pinochet's oppression
My flatmate Richardo who cares a great deal about art.
My house. The two windows in the middle towards the right are looking in to my room.
My meager excuse of a room, which hopefully soon will be improved with photos and superflous furniture.
This is also from my hood. Lot's of cafe's and other bohemian entertainment possibilities, such as an art cinema and fancy clothes stores.
On the street next to where I live (Lastarria) there is often a bookmarket. It's very bohemian.
Detail from the park on Cerro Santa Lucia
A hapzard street of Santiago Center with the normal combination of small shops decorating the facades.
Another busyer version of Santiago Centro
There is not exactly a shortage of vehicules in Santiago
Blurry Photo of the main Cathedral
This is a pedestrian street right next to Plaza de Armas.
Vamos a vivir mejor
Empty Alley
Giant carrots is just one of the many exciting treats awaiting me here.
Outside of Santiago Center is the big vegetable market in a part of town that's a lot more crummy and colorful.
Vegetable Market
Outside of the vegetable market, but in the same neighborhood. This street is filled with clothes stores that are filled with people who must have been filled with joy over the many shopping opportunities. I sure was.
Santiago has some of the niftiest street art I've seen in a long time. This is just one tiny example among plenty.
Bella Vista is the main bar and club street in town. A liter of beer is around 11dkk or 2chf or 1000clp. This might not have a huge influence on my life, but it sure made some of the other exchange students happy.
One last look at my dear house before I head in to upload photos. The curvy collum is wrapped around my entrance.
A tired cat in the zoo
My first tattoo

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred