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Labuan Bajo to Ruteng


After visiting the Komodo National Park I went across Flores from Labuan Bajo to Maumere over Ruteng, Bajawa and Moni. These photos are from the first part of this trip from Labuan Bajo to Ruteng

October 4th, 2014

Coffee flowers grow neatly on a line along a branch on the coffee plant
A big part of inner flores is covered in rice terraces like these
The girl in the bottom left ran all the way across the rice fields when she saw I was taking photos to come say hi
Dry rice fields and heavy clouds in the interior of Flores
Flores is mostly catholic and new churches were being built everywhere.
A playboy must surely live here
The spiderweb rice fields of Flores
The view out over rice fields. In the middle a round traditional house can be seen.
After seeing the rice fields from above I went down to take a look at the traditional house and was greeted by a goat standing guard.
Close up of drums from traditional house on Flores
The inside of the traditional house
The entree in a village I visited close to Ruteng
Children playing in a village close to Ruteng
The roof of a traditional house
Two traditional houses and a flock of kids wanting to be photographed
Catholic graveyard close to Ruteng
The jungle is slowly taking over the graves
In the early morning I rode up to a mountain pass on a motorbike. This was the view.

Design, code and photos by Jonas Arnfred